On December 17, Archi presented a grand New Year's gift to its residents by hosting a concert featuring masterpieces of Georgian film music in the Philharmonic's great concert hall.    The concert was sold out. Archi residents collaborated on a New Year's arrangement, creating unforgettable memories. The concert was a charity event; the tickets had a symbolic price, and the proceeds were entirely transferred to the Children's Hospice "Firefly World."   "The purpose of this concert, besides fostering a New Year's mood for Archi residents, was to engage in another charity activity with them. We fully transferred the money received from the concert tickets to 'Firefly World,' serving a noble cause. Archi residents were delighted, as always, to discover that they were contributing to charity by attending the concert.” - Archi's Marketing Director, Elene Baratashvili.      The Children's Hospice "Firefly World" focuses on the relief, well-being, and quality of life for children with serious, chronic, incurable diseases. On New Year's Eve, Archi's Marketing Director, Elene Baratashvili, and Archi residents visited the hospice, presenting a symbolic check of 25,961 GEL.    Archi consistently prioritizes the well-being of its residents and distinguishes itself through high social responsibility. The company allocates 5% of profits to charity, environmental care, promoting a healthy lifestyle, sports development, and various beneficial activities.  
Yard party and landscaping in Archi Saburtalo complex
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