Archi handed over 142 apartments to the families living in the emergency buildings of Tbilisi City Hall. On September 26, an event was held in the Archi Varketili complex, where Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze and Archi founder Ilia Tsulaia personally handed over the apartment keys to 35 families living in dilapidated buildings.   " Archi is one big family, and the people of Archi are members of this family. We are very happy that we invited you to such a good event, where apartments will be handed over to you in Archi Varketili from the City Hall, and you will become members of our big family." - Ilia Tsulaya, founder of Archi.   "Today, 35 families living in dilapidated buildings will be given living spaces in the Archi Varketili complex. Along with the apartments, the municipality will give them the money needed for the repair work. We will hand over the rest of the apartments handed over to the City Hall by Archi to the families living in the dilapidated buildings in Varketili, gradually." - Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze
Big Discount in Archi
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