Archi Miami

Georgian leading development company Archi has expanded its operations beyond state borders and started a new project in the United States.

Recently, Archi announced the construction of a multi-functional residential complex on Pompano Beach near Miami, Florida, USA. Named Archi Miami, the project is set to integrate up to 100 apartments, along with amenities such as a pool, versatile workspaces, leisure areas, and sports centers. The ambitious project, with a total investment of $50 million, will be executed through a collaboration between Archi and the American development company Elite Group.

"After years of dedicated efforts and successful implementation of high-level projects in Georgia, Archi is prepared to extend its reach and establish a presence in international markets. While we remain committed to continuing our work in Georgia, with a pipeline of projects planned for various regions, Archi is now directing its focus towards seizing opportunities in foreign markets."  Ilia Tsulaia, Archi’s partner and chairman of board.

The state of Florida, renowned for its appeal to tourists, with its vibrant tourism, diverse job market, business-friendly regulations, strategic location, and robust infrastructure, stands out as an ideal location for the new Archi project.

"The state's popularity is underscored by a 14% increase in apartment rental prices over the past 24 months. The escalating migration rate provides a compelling basis to anticipate a further surge in demand for residential apartments in the next 15-20 years. Recognizing this trend, the local municipality is actively contributing to the urban development of Pompano Beach. I'm of the opinion, that in a few years, this area will evolve into a distinctive and appealing destination, drawing the interest of both tourists and prospective residents."  Giga Akirtava, partner of Elite Group.

The Architecture of "Archi Miami" will be outstanding, and its quality will fully meet the standards in America. The leading American architectural company Deforma Studio worked on the visual side of the complex.

"During my twenty years of experience, this project is one of the most interesting. It will be a very modern, industrial-style complex built with high-quality materials. Thanks to its distinctive and refined architectural design, the building will easily stand out from other structures in this location" - project architect Javier Re Barrera.

The Archi Miami project is already in the final stage. The construction of the complex will start early next year and will be completed in about two years, by 2026.  "Archi Miami" represents Archi's first global project, setting the stage for a series of upcoming ventures worldwide. One of the company's priorities is to acquire other locations in the state of Florida and the American market in general.

"I joined Archi four years ago as a partner. Since then, we've consistently discussed transforming it into a global entity, venturing into construction projects in major countries. It was my particular aspiration that the USA be our first international venture, given my 20 years of living and working experience here. Today marks a significant milestone as we lay the foundation for our first project abroad. With unwavering confidence in our team's expertise, we will successfully realize Archi Miami and our forthcoming projects.
" Zaza Pachulia partner of Archi.