Building materials


Archi uses energy-efficient blocks from the leading German brand YTONG® in the construction of each of its projects.

YTONG® is the world leader in the production of construction blocks. High technical characteristics of the blocks allow the service life of buildings to be increased, creating a comfortable atmosphere and reducing operating costs. In 2013, YTONG® was recognized in Germany as the Brand of the Century. Today, its products are used by leading construction companies in many countries worldwide.

Compared to conventional concrete building blocks, YTONG® blocks have six times less thermal conductivity. Walls constructed from this material preserve the room temperature longer. Accordingly, 40% less energy is spent on heating and cooling the rooms.

Due to the low weight of YTONG® construction blocks, the load on the structure of the building is reduced. The lightness of the aerated  blocks ensures a high level of safety during seismic activity. Another advantage of YTONG® blocks is their fire resistance. Even in case of an intense fire, the blocks can survive the effects of fire for 4 hours, which is considered one of the best indicators of durability for building materials. 

Heidelberg Concrete

Archi uses concrete from the German brand HeidelbergCement in the construction. The company was founded 150 years ago and has been operating on the Georgian market since 2006.

HeidelbergCement concrete is the key to the strength of the building - the company occupies a leading position in the world in the production of cement and concrete. Concrete is produced under laboratory control, the quality of products is constantly checked for compliance with international standards.


Archi uses high-quality HPL panels of the world leader Austrian brand Fundermax, to cover the facades. The company was founded in 1890 and has always used natural raw materials in its products. Fundermax panels are made with modern technology, have high durability, can withstand any weather and temperature.


To cover the facades of Archi, materials from the German brand Caparol are being used. The company was founded in 1895 and earned the name of the innovator, which it bears to this day. Caparol paint, plaster and other components are of high quality, very durable and resistant to climatic changes.

Kone elevators

Archi installs quality elevators in its projects. One of them is the Finnish brand KONE, which was founded in 1910 and has gained worldwide recognition for its innovative elevators. Kone elevators are trusted all over the world for their safety and durability, the best brakes and an optimized drive system.


To cover the facades, Archi uses the swiss brand Alucobond material. Alucobond was founded in 1969, quickly gained a reputation as a reliable company in the local market, and then became a global brand. Today, its high-quality panels are used by the world's leading brands.


Archi's façades are clad with bricks from the Austrian brand Wienerberger. The first Wienerberger brick factory was opened in 1819 and over the years has become the largest factory in Europe. Today, Wienerberger is the world's leading brick manufacturer. It produces durable and visually distinctive bricks that retain their color and shape.