Archi Dighomi 1

Archi Dighomi 1

Archi Digomi 1 is the first residential house of Archi. It is located in the central part of Didi Dighomi, on Giorgi Brtskinvale street. The architectural design of the project is adapted to the appearance of the environment. During the construction, the highest quality environmentally friendly and energy-efficient materials were used, which saves energy and reduces utility bills.

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The residential building has 10 floors and includes open and closed parking lots.




Archi Dighomi 1 is located in the best part of Didi Dighomi, at 30, Giorgi Brtskinvale Street. Hypermarket Goodwill is a 3-minute walk from the house.

Archi Dighomi 1

Giorgi Brtskinvale st. 30, Tbilisi



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