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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.

Archi Wood in Dighomi Masivi

Archi Wood in Dighomi Masivi Tbilisi, Dighomi Massive, Chachava st. 4
Archi Wood in Dighomi Masivi

Archi Wood in Dighomi Masivi

Tbilisi, Dighomi Massive, Chachava st. 4 
Residential complex in the green area
Archi Wood is located in the greenest area of the city of Tbilisi - Dighomi Massive. The project distinguishes itself both by its architecture and its beautiful location. The Archi Wood façade will be faced with Belgian Weinberger brick. Archi Group will deliver the apartments to new tenants in the condition of a Premium Frame, which means a complete white frame (plaster-coated structure) plus the installation of a heating system and the installation of low-emissivity glass, which reduces the thermal conductivity of windows by 30%. Like all other Archi projects, Archi Wood will be built with high-quality, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly building materials. In its construction,blocks manufactured in accordance with modern technology from the German brand Ytong (recognized in Germany as the "Brand of the Century" in 2013) will be used. Compared to conventional concrete blocks, Ytong blocks have a six times lower thermal conductivity. Walls constructed with this material retain the room temperature longer. Accordingly, 40% less energy is consumed in heating and cooling the apartments. In addition, Ytong material has unique properties that prevent the spread of fire for up 4 hours.
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In Archi Wood there is an open and a three-level closed parking lot, designed for 165 cars. 60 large fir trees grow in the project area, to which, upon completion of construction, Archi will add new green plants. Overall, the Archi Wood recreational area, which provides children's entertainment and recreation space, will be located on an area of 3,000 square meters. The first and second floors of the building are reserved for commercial premises.
  • Commercial space
  • Children`s playground
  • Parking


An excellent location has been selected for Archi Wood. The project will be built in one of the best places in the Dighomi Massive, that is, on Chachava Street. The entertainment center Astra Park is located near the project and Archi Wood is only 5 minutes walk away from Dighomi forest park.