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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.

Archi Pinetrees Tamarashvili

0 Archi Pinetrees Tamarashvili Tbilisi, Tamarashvili st. 13
Archi Pinetrees Tamarashvili

Archi Pinetrees Tamarashvili

Tbilisi, Tamarashvili st. 13 
Archi’s new premium-class project - “Archi Pines” is located in the central part of Tbilisi, near the former hippodrome, in Tamarashvili Street. The construction of 29-storey energy efficient project's apartments in Archi Pines will be delivered with a premium structure or selected finishing package, which means selection of the desired finishing from 3 different offers. One of the advantages of Archi Pines is a recreational area of 6,000 sq. m with a landscaped yard, play and sport grounds with perennial trees. The apartments command a spectacular panoramic view of Mtatsminda and Turtle Lake. Archi Pines is an elite residential project where completely natural, eco-friendly materials are used to create a healthy environment for your life. For the facing of the Archi Pines facades, high-quality materials of the Imar brand will be used, and for the construction - the German brand Ytong’s energy efficient, refractory blocks, which keep the temperature and reduce energy costs by 40%. In addition, all the apartments will have the installed doors and windows of European brand Reynaers with Low-E glass, which will also save energy consumption.
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The project infrastructure is compatible with the premium class residential project. Archi Pines will have 29 floors and 258 apartments. The project will include modern design lobby with concierge service, European-level fitness center and commercial spaces. The project Archi Pines provides for the installation of high-quality elevators KONE, as well as the installation of open and closed parking lots for residents.
  • Commercial space
  • Children`s playground
  • Stadium
  • Parking

Project Progress

Works with the engaged columns on the 6th floor is in progress


Archi Pines located in Tamarashvili street, near the hippodrome area, which is an obvious advantage of the project. The infrastructure around the project is very well developed as the project is located in the central district of Tbilisi.