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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.

Archi Alley

0 Archi Alley 14th kilometer of Agmashenebeli Alley
Archi Alley

Archi Alley

14th kilometer of Agmashenebeli Alley 
The new Archi Alley complex is a 4-story residential building. It is being built with the highest quality German-made Ytong blocks and HPL facade panels. Ytong blocks are energy-sufficient materials that reduce energy consumption by 40%. The construction of Archi Alley complies with the fire safety regulations mandated by the 41st Ordinance of the Government of Georgia.
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With a 12 000 sq.m. recreation area and a low-rise residential building, Archi Alley is one of the company’s largest projects. It meets the comfort and aesthetic needs of Archi customers by offering an eco-friendly environment, energy-efficient high-quality residential building, playgrounds, a stadium, a kindergarten, and, most importantly, a quiet area that allows you to escape the city noise on a daily basis. What’s more, an electric generator and a water tank will be added to the residential project to provide a 24/7 water and power supply. The complex will also incorporate a two-story closed parking space and high-quality elevators.
  • Square
  • Children`s playground
  • Stadium
  • Parking
  • Generator
  • Water Reservoir
  • Commercial space

Project Progress

Laying of the 4th floor in the first part of the building has been completed. Laying of the 2nd floor floor in the third part of the building has been completed. Laying of the 3rd floor is underway - in the second part of the building. Filling of the carcass block has started.


Archi Alley is located on the 14th kilometer of Agmashenebeli Alley. It is next to the US Embassy and near the Olympic Swimming Pool. The residential complex is surrounded by well-developed infrastructure, shops, and bus stops.