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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Zaza Pachulia became co-sharer of the Archi!

Famous Georgian basketball player, two-time NBA champion Zaza Pachulia has become a co-sharer of the Georgia Development Company “Archi”. Pachulia has a long-standing relationship with the company, participating in a number of the company’s marketing activities.

The cooperation between the basketball player and “Archi” took a different form on August 21. According to the signed memorandum, Pachulia bought a share in the company and has become a co-owner of “Archi” together with Ilia Tsulaia and Meni Benish.

 “I am glad that my cooperation with “Archi” has moved on a different level. It is very important for me to represent such a strong company as “Archi”, the company celebrated for its reliability, quality, and customer care. “Archi” is a leading company of the development sector. However, I believe that human, as well as company capabilities have no limits and we will be able to accomplish more. Our common views and values, I believe, will contribute to the happiness of more people”- Zaza Pachulia.

“Archi”, a leading development company in Georgia, has now 20 completed, 19 on-going projects with over 10 000 “Archi” residents under its belt.

Zaza Pachulia became co-sharer of the Archi!
02/09/2019 Archi has become the general sponsor of the football club “Samtredia” 12/08/2019 Discount only for immigrants!