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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Day of great discounts in Archi Vazisubani!

On April 28, an event was held for the preliminary sales of a new product of Archi Group - Archi Vazisubani.
Many thanks to all those people who took part in today's event! Thank you very much that you have chosen Archi Group and become an #Archeli! (a resident of Archi).
We treat your trust with great responsibility and do our best so that you can always be proud of being a resident of the houses we are building.


Day of great discounts in Archi Vazisubani!
30/04/2018 Dozens of foreign investors interested in Georgia’s investment potential will visit the country with the organization of Archi Group 16/04/2018 April 28 is the day of big discounts for two Archi Vazisubani projects!