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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Archi Group Awarded an Apartment to the Olympic Champion and World Record Holder Lasha Talakhadze

Archi Group has given an apartment to the Georgian weightlifter, Olympic champion, and world record holder Lasha Talakhadze. The four-room apartment, which was awarded to the world record holder, is located in Saburtalo in the new Archi Group project. Archi Saburtalo will be built at the intersection of Mindeli and Politkovskaya streets. The project includes a 22-storey building, which incorporates commercial space, open and closed parking areas and a recreation area.
“We are delighted that we can give a New Year's gift to the world champion and record holder and to present the apartment to him. Lasha Talakhadze has repeatedly glorified Georgia and through him the world has learned about our country. He will become a resident of Archi Group and together with the other Archi staff  and residents we will be happy to support him in  future competitions,» -  stated Archi Group.
“I am very grateful to Archi Group, which is a leading company in the field of development. I am happy that from today I will join the Archi Group tenants and become one of them,» - said Lasha Talakhadze.
2017 was especially successful for the Georgian athlete. He not only won the World Championship  but also set a world record in weightlifting.
Archi Group is a leading development  company  in Georgia. At this stage, the company has completed construction of  200,000 sq. m of space and 140,000 sq. m  are under construction.

Archi Group Awarded an Apartment to the Olympic Champion and World Record Holder Lasha Talakhadze
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