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“Operation Revenge” – Archi’s New Year Commercial

Archi depicts the relatable story of 2020 in its new commercial. The video ad is all about a new year celebration, remote working parents, and children who miss spending quality time with their parents. As with all fairy tales, this story, too, has a good ending - Craving their parents' attention, children arrange it for the New Year to arrive early. The ending makes people realize that they do not have to wait for special days to enjoy one another’s company.

The video ad was created by the JWT Metro agency. We sit down with Elene Baratashvili, head of the Archi’s marketing department, and Eka Kipiani, the agency’s creative director, to discuss the conception and the aim of the new commercial.

Elene Baratashvili reveals that the commercial aims to remind us how important it is to experience family love every single day. The importance of being together has increased amid the surrounding mess in 2020.

“2020 has emphasized the importance of a home and its multifunctionality. This year home served as a workplace and a resting space at the same time. Its prime purpose, however, has been to get family members closer to one another. That’s what the video ad is all about – Living under a single roof and spending quality time with the family members,” – says Elene.

She believes the story resonates with everyone. The positive vibe of the video is to remain for a long time in our heads. Eka Kipiani adds that people, especially children identify themselves with the characters of this lovely story. 

“I think the video helps parents see 2020 from their children’s perspective. The positive feedback received from the public is extremely valuable in this challenging time. This light, joyful and lovely New Year story will definitely evoke warm feelings in the viewers,” – points out Eka.

Eka says that she was inspired by children and their outlook on life and their remote working parents.

“A home has been everything to us throughout the year. The line between a home and a workplace has been erased. Children have observed us switching between two roles in the very same environment. We often wait for special days to finally bring the family members together. Unlike us, children in the commercial understand that all one needs to have a family gathering is a house. That's why they fake the onset of the New Year to finally draw their parent's attention, “ – says Eka.


“Operation Revenge” – Archi’s New Year Commercial
04/01/2021 New Year promotion continues! 07/12/2020 Archi donated the necessary products to 500 socially vulnerable elderly people