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Archi employees to receive their salaries despite the crisis

Archi employees will face no job or pay cuts due to the coronavirus crisis in the country, made a special announcement the founder of the company, Ilia Tsulaia, and the CEO, Shio Khetsuriani on Social Media.


“The majority of our employees have switched to remote work for over a month. We prioritize their health and well-being and therefore, our employees will keep their jobs and receive full salaries despite the crisis. We are certain that we will be able to defeat the virus in a timely manner and to make a fresh start in a few months”, - the Archi’s CEO Shio Khetsuriani pointed out.


The Archi’s founder, Ilia Tsulaia urged the business representatives to become involved in the company’s initiative and provide incomes for their employees.


“The private sector’s participation in current processes is crucial as the country faces the crisis. We urge the companies to get involved in our initiative and to improve the well-being of our citizens to the best of our abilities. In order to help our country maintain stability and effectively combat the virus, we all have to take the responsibility”, - Ilia Tsulaia stated.


Archi donated special equipment and inventory to the Central Republican Hospital a few days ago within the frames of a social campaign to combat the coronavirus. The company has planned various activities to the campaign and will continue to support the cause.


Construction works have not been suspended and will be completed in due course. All the necessary sanitary and security measures have been taken on the construction sites.

Archi employees to receive their salaries despite the crisis
23/03/2020 Archi donated 20 000 GEL to the personnel of Tbilisi Infectious Disease Hospital 19/03/2020 Archi has donated the necessary equipment and inventory to the Central Republican Hospital