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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Discount at Archi Saburtalo B

A big discount only for 5 days at the new Archi Saburtalo project!

Only from October 22 to 26, buy an apartment at the lowest price on Jikia Street and you will also become an Archi resident!

The Archi Saburtalo compound is notable for its ideal location and clean environment. The construction of the new Block B has already begun and the arrangement of piles is underway. The project envisages a recreational area and playgrounds of 5,000 sq. m in total. Archi Saburtalo will also have a commercial area and indoor and outdoor parking lots.

032 2 602 602

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Discount at Archi Saburtalo B
16/10/2018 #Archicare 01/10/2018 Discount only for immigrants!