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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Archi and Zaza Pachulia Presented an Unheard-of Initiative

Archi and Zaza Pachulia Have Presented an Unheard-of Initiative

From now on up to 5% of the Company’s profit will be spent on ecology and charity. This is a completely different and new concept of the Archi and Zaza Pachulia partnership.

The Company has also introduced new branding, according to which the main focus of the Company’s business will be  care, care for Archi residents, the environment, and society. Many interesting events are planned for the new #architakescare campaign.

As part of this campaign, today Archi donated another 5,000 GEL to Monk Andria’s  Foundation for the construction of a House of Happiness.

“Multi-year cooperation connects Archi with Monk Andria’s Foundation. It is a great honor for us to contribute to the good works carried out by Monk Andria’s  Foundation and we want to encourage  everyone to join us  in order to build a House of Happiness together» they say at Archi..

As for new Archi’s  branding, it has been developed by the British expert Tobias Heinz and the Company CoConsultancy.

“The main philosophy of the Company has always been to take care of our customers, so when we started working on Archi’s rebranding, we put customer orientation at the forefront and all our strategies and actions will be based on this core value.

«Buying a home is one of the most important decisions in the life of every person. As part of the joint campaign between Archi and Zaza Pachulia, we have seen that many things can be changed in a human life, but there is always something that is indispensable for everyone. Our goal is to provide such an indispensable house to  each of our clients. Accordingly, the main message of our rebranding will be “Archi Is My Indispensable Home” - state Archi representatives.

Archi  is the leading development company in Georgia. At this stage the company has 18 completed construction projects and 14 projects under construction in Tbilisi and the regions.

Archi and Zaza Pachulia Presented an Unheard-of Initiative
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