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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Archi Group organized a Greenery Activity!

From the 9th of December until January 20th, customers will be able to buy an apartment in any Archi Group project with only a 3% initial payment. The remaining amount will start after 3 months and every customer will have the opportunity to decide whether to pay full amount and get an additional discount or to use credit during this period.
Archi Group is one of the first companies to have introduced European standards of construction to the Georgian market, while taking care of high quality and ecological compatibility. It should be noted that Archi Group's construction projects are carried out with German energy-efficient Ytong blocks.
The motto of the company is the following: Archi Group - Your European House!

Archi Group organized a Greenery Activity!
06/10/2015 Winners received $1,500 vouchers