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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Archi has allocated 30 000 GEL to combat Coronavirus  


According to the founder of Archi Ilia Tsulaia, the company allocates 30 000 Gel to combat coronavirus. The money will be transferred to the respective fund or organization.

“I am aware that a lot of organizations are eager to allocate funds to combat the spread of the virus. I am certain that the companies will join us and together we will be able to help the country defeat the coronavirus in the near future’,- said Ilia Tsulaia.

Archi follows the recommendations by the government and the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health and shifts to remote work. Due to the Archi’s special arrangements, the customers will receive the service without delay. As for apartment buyers, they will be able to have a remote communication with the personal consultant, check out Archi projects and purchase the property without leaving a house.

“We are constantly carrying out disinfecting and sanitary measures in the office as prescribed. To take further precautions, we have decided to work remotely. 80% of the employees will work from home, however, there will always be a personal consultant available on the premises”, - said the Head of Archi Marketing Department Elene Baratashvili.

The change does not affect the construction process of the Archi projects. All the necessary sanitary and security norms are carried out on the construction sites. The process has not been delayed and will be completed in due course.

Archi has allocated 30 000 GEL to combat Coronavirus   
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