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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Archi was Awarded the Prize for Supporting Sports Medicine

On December 28, at an event organized by the Association of Sports Medicine, Archi was awarded the prize for supporting sports. The company has been actively promoting Georgian sports and a healthy lifestyle for many years. A lot of Georgian athletes are united in a large family of Archi. This year, the company handed over the apartment to the chief doctor of the Georgian Olympic team, Zurab Kakhabrishvili.


"We are very pleased to receive the award for supporting sports medicine. An important part of our social responsibility is devoted to the promotion of Georgian sports and a healthy lifestyle. Our doctors are the people who make the most important contribution to the success of Georgian athletes. We will always try to play our role in their recognition," says Shio Khetsuriani, General Director of Archi.


"We appreciate the participation of companies in supporting Georgian sports and medicine. I would like to thank Archi for supporting athletes and medical staff for many years," says Zurab Kakhabrishvili, Chief Physician of the Georgian Olympic team.


5% of Archi's profit is spent on social responsibility. Support for Georgian sports, care for the environment, and charity programs are some of those social events the company has been carrying out.

Archi was Awarded the Prize for Supporting Sports Medicine
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