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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Archi donated 20 000 GEL to the personnel of Tbilisi Infectious Disease Hospital

Today Archi and the Infectious Diseases, AIDS and Clinical Immunology Research Center signed a memorandum saying the company will donate 20 000 GEL to the fund for the center’s employees.


“We continue to contribute to the fight against the coronavirus. We would like to show our gratitude towards the medical staff who spare no effort for the well-being of our citizens”, - Director General of Archi Shio Khetsuriani stated.


Archi urges the private sector to become engaged in the initiative and help the country overcome the challenge to the best of their ability.


“We would like to thank Archi for supporting us and appreciating our work commitments. The engagement of the private sector and other similar assistance in combat against the virus are highly significant. Meanwhile, I will use the opportunity to once again urge the public to follow our recommendations and stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary”, - Director General of the center Marina Ezugbaia said.


Archi donated 500 boxes of surgical gloves, high numbers of disinfectants and other necessary inventory to the Central Republican Hospital a few days ago. Now it has provided financial aid for the personnel fund.


According to Archi, hundreds of thousands of Georgian Laris will be allocated for various activities to help the country tackle the challenge.


The company has stated that despite the economic crisis, all Archi employees keep their jobs and receive full salaries.


Intensive works are carried out on all Archi construction sites and the underway projects will be completed in due course. Sanitary and security measures are taken with all the necessary equipment provided for the employees.

Archi donated 20 000 GEL to the personnel of Tbilisi Infectious Disease Hospital
25/03/2020 Archi has provided food products for 500 socially vulnerable elderly people 21/03/2020 Archi employees to receive their salaries despite the crisis