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Archi gifted the HULK an apartment

On December 26, Archi made a New Year’s gift for the Georgian HULK, Levan Saginashvili and gave the arm wrestler an apartment in the Archi Isani Project. Saginashvili is a 7-time World and 6-time European champion. He has recently won the most prestigious arm wrestling tournament “Top 8”. Archi and Archi members are grateful to his victory and gifted the arm wrestler an apartment in the Archi Isani Project as a show of their support.

To promote sport and healthy lifestyle, Archi gifted apartments of different projects to many Georgian champions namely Lasha Talakhadze, Olympic champion and World record holder, Geno Petriashvili, Beka Lomtadze, Nugzar Tsurtsumia, Lasha Gobadze, and Lukhumi Chkhvimiani, World champions in wrestling. They were now joined by another champion Levan Saginashvili who made Georgia famous all over the world.

 “We are proud that Georgia unites strong and successful sportsmen such as the arm wrestler Levan Saginashvili. I am happy to announce that due to his victory the Georgian HULK has been gifted an apartment in the Archi Isani Project. This is our gift to celebrate his hard work and fight for Georgia. I would like to congratulate on his triumph, wish him greater success to make the country even more successful. We continue with our support for Georgian sport and healthy lifestyle,” Director General of Archi Shio Khetsuriani said.

5% of the company’s profits are spent on social responsibility such as promoting a healthy lifestyle and supporting Georgian sports.

Archi gifted the HULK an apartment
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