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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Archi Group organized a Greenery Activity!

The development company Archi Group organized a planting and cleaning event today in Tbilisi. The Deputy Mayor, Aluda Goglichidze and the head of the Ecology and Greenery Department, Bidzina Giorgobiani attended this event.
Employees of the company, with the help of city administration representatives, planted up to 300 seedlings of cedar, cypress, pine, and privet. The first phase of the activity took place on November 24th, at the new Archi Group construction, Tamarashvili 13 (the main entrance of the former Hippodrome).
The main priority of Archi Group is to provide society with high quality accommodation, together with protection of the environment, urban design, and landscape. In this regard, the company has created a new precedent:for each 10 sq. m built, 1 tree will be planted in the city. It should be noted that the construction of Archi Group's projects is carried out with German energy-efficient Ytong blocks.

Archi Group organized a Greenery Activity!
06/10/2015 Winners received $1,500 vouchers