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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Archie's new office and gallery in Philarmonic is opened!

Archi, a leading development company, opened an office and a gallery in the central part of Tbilisi, on the first floor of the Philharmonic concert hall. THe 700 sq.m. space is fully adapted to the wishes of the clients so that every client and resident of Archi feels comfortable.

Architectural studio "MUA" worked on the concept of modern design with Arch.

With the opening of the new office, the development company Arch made another contribution in the framework of the social responsibility campaign and donated 25,000 lari to the "Beri Andrea's Foundation" for the construction of a "house of happiness".

Archi's new office and gallery in the philharmonic is the second space of the company for meeting with clients. The first office is in Vake, Kipshidze # 15. From now on, clients will have access to the Arch Gallery at a new address, on the first floor of the Philharmonic.

Archie's new office and gallery in Philarmonic is opened!
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