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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Archi – 151 Sold Apartments in One Day

A 'Big Discount Day' took place at Archi’s Office in the Philharmonic Hall on June 18. The event was visited by an unprecedented high number of guests. On that day a record number of 151 news residents joined the Archi family.

A Discount Day is an Archi's tradition that takes place before the launch of a new residential building’s construction. On that day, Archi customers have the unique possibility to buy apartments in Archi’s new projects with special discounts. On June 18, a big discount was offered on apartments of the new project 'Archi At Kikvidze Garden'.

"Archi’s “Big Discount Day” has always drawn our customer’s attention. This time the event has exceeded our expectations. 151 new residents have been added to the list of our family in a day. It emphasizes the trust we feel every day from our customers. Archi’s whole team is focused on our customer’s comfort and well-being and we spare no effort to fulfill that. We congratulate new Archi members on joining our big family and thank them once again for trusting us,"- says Director-General of Archi Shio Khetsuriani.

Archi’s exclusive “Big Discount Day” has always been a great success. However, the pandemic has prevented us from hosting the event to avoid crowds. Before June 18 the record sales number was 99 apartments. 151 sold apartments in a day is an unprecedented result.

Archi is a leading development company in Georgia. The company has a 16-year of experience and over 20 000 residents under its belt.


Archi – 151 Sold Apartments in One Day
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