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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Grand Discount Day at Archi is Back Again!

Only for one day on June 18, you can enjoy the greatest discount on Archi’s new project apartments at Kikvidze Garden. To receive a special discount, follow the registration link: 

or contact us:

☎ 032 2 602 602 ;
☎ Using Viber or WhatsApp +995 577 699 222 ;

The complex 'Archi At Kikvidze Garden' is located in the central part of the Nadzaladevi district on Bezhanishvili St. It boasts a recreation area of 15 000sq.m. and a multifunctional complex tailored to Archi residents’ individual needs.


Grand Discount Day at Archi is Back Again!
21/06/2022 Archi – 151 Sold Apartments in One Day 03/06/2022 On June 1, the International Children's Day event was held in projects of Archi