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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Yet another World Champion being honored by Archi!

Yet another Georgian World Champion has been presented with an apartment by Archi. Georgian judoka Lukhumi Chkhvimiani has recently become the World Champion. On October 3 Archi representatives arrived at his judo practice to organize a surprise apartment handover.

 “On behalf of the entire company, we thank Lukhumi Chkhvimiani for succeeding in the World Championship. To celebrate his victory, we decided to present one of the company’s apartments to the judoka,” Director General of Archi Shio Khetsuriani said.

 “I am very grateful to the company for such an incredible present. My biggest dreams have come true: I have become a World Champion and now I will have my own apartment as well. It gives me the motivation to work harder,” Lukhumi Chkhvimiani said.

Archi is actively involved in the popularization and development of Georgian sports. The company has earlier handed over the apartments of Archi Isani to four Georgian Wrestling Champions. Now Lukhumi Chkhvimiani also joined them.

Yet another World Champion being honored by Archi!
16/10/2019 Archi's gift for Archi residents! 25/09/2019 Archi presented apartments to Georgian World Champions!