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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Magic New Year At Archi!

Magic New Year At Archi

Magic New Year has started at Archi. If you plan to buy an apartment, Archi has a unique offer for you. Buy an Archi apartment before the end of December to enjoy:

 • A discount of up to 15 000 GEL
 • A 17-year installment plan
 • No initial deposit

Buy an Archi apartment with the Archi Guarantee Program to protect the price of an apartment and your income against any risks. Celebrate magic New Year in a new apartment.

☎ Call us 2 602 602

☎ Call us from abroad using Viber and WhatsApp - +995 577 699 222

Magic New Year At Archi!
07/12/2020 Archi donated the necessary products to 500 socially vulnerable elderly people 02/11/2020 The unprecedented Archi Guarantee Program is still available