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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Archi Kokhta - New Project in Bakuriani by Archi!
Archi is launching a new project in Georgia’s most popular resort Bakuriani. Bakuriani ski resort is filled with tourists all year round and is a wonderful place for investment. Buying an Archi Kokhta apartment can be a safe investment for you to rent or use it as a home. In addition to the great climate, Archi Kokhta apartments will be delivered to their owners with built-in furniture and household appliances. Archi Kokhta is scheduled to be a 5-storey residential project built with high-quality and energy sufficient materials. Besides, the project will incorporate a recreational area, bringing Bakuriani's perfect nature into the residents' houses.
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Archi Kokhta - New Project in Bakuriani by Archi!
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