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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Archi Turns 15!


Archi, a leading development company in Georgia, turns 15. Founded in 2006, the company has 20 000 Archi family members, 31 completed and 20 ongoing residential buildings located at seaside and skiing resorts, 3 offices, and countless social projects under its belt.


Archi was founded by Ilia Tsulaia, Meni Benish and Irakli Kapianidze in 2006. In 2008, the company joined the development industry. Later in 2018, Zaza Pachulia, a well-known Georgian basketball player, became an Archi co-owner to offer various interesting campaigns to the public.


The company allocates 5% of its profit for social well-being. The popularization of Georgian sport, environmental protection, and charity events are some of Archi's main priorities.


Archi has started the construction of the Ytong factory with a 50 million Gel investment. The Ytong block is an energy-sufficient construction material from Germany used for Archi residential buildings. Energy-sufficient construction was introduced to Georgia by Archi, which is key to the company's success.


‘Archi celebrates its 15th birthday. Our hard work has paid off and we are proud to have 20 000 members in our big Archi family. Thankfully, after buying apartments from Archi, some Georgian emigrants were able to return to their country. I am grateful to our customers for their trust and loyalty to the company. Our customers’ well-being will always be our priority. We continue to improve customer service and to offer new projects to our customers,’ – says Archi Founder Ilia Tsulaia.


Archi's three offices boast up to 200 employees. Up to 2000 employees work at Archi construction sites every year. Archi continues to build residential projects and hotels in Georgia’s seaside and skiing resorts. Besides, the company constantly works to improve customer service. 

Archi Turns 15!
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