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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


About us

Established in 2006, Archi operates as a development company in Georgia. Initially, the company was focused on investment projects to move to the development sector in 2008. Now, Archi has 29 completed and 20 ongoing projects in Tbilisi and one completed project in Batumi. Located in every district of Tbilisi, Archi apartments meet customer preferences and needs. The residential buildings are built with high quality, ecologically clean, and energy sufficient materials. The construction work is under constant supervision. Apart from using high-quality materials, Archi makes sure to play a part in protecting the environment. The company boasts about recreational areas included in all Archi projects. Additionally, Archi organizes sports grounds and parks for the residents. Thanks to Archi Family members, each 10 sq. m of Archi construction involves planting a new tree. Archi projects meet European standards and are completed according to schedule. The company makes sure to provide custom-made payment terms and to continue taking care of the customers after the completion of projects.

Archi Development

Archi makes sure to build high-quality and energy sufficient residential projects. At present, the company has 20 ongoing and 26 completed projects under its belt with a total space of over 520 000 sq.m. Archi boasts about brand hotels such as Sunset Shovi and Sunset Kvariati located on Georgia’s Black Sea coast. Besides, Archi is planning to build Archi Kokhta in one of the most popular ski resorts in Georgia - Bakuriani.


In 2010, Archi expanded the range of its activities and started to build hotels in Georgia.

Currently, there is already 1 hotel of European level in Shovi - "Sunset Shovi" and 1 apartment hotel of European level in Kvariati - "Sunset Kvariati".

For the near future, it is planned to open several boutique and brand hotels in Tbilisi and one international level hotel in Bakuriani.