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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


About us

The leading Georgian development company Archi was established in 2006. Initially, the company focused on investment activities, however since September 2008 it has also been engaged in development. To date, the company’s projects include 19 completed and 16 projects under construction in Tbilisi and 1 completed residential estate in Batumi.


We offer you a large range of quality housing for all different tastes and needs in any district of Tbilisi in accordance with your capabilities and wishes. If you want to live in a house with a swimming pool, a training hall, a courtyard with a stadium, playgrounds, a kindergarten and a school, then keep in mind that Archi can provide all of it.


Experts conduct constant monitoring during the process of selecting high-quality building materials, the progress of construction, and the creation of infrastructure in accordance with European standards. Each Archi project is implemented using energy-efficient and environmentally friendly European materials of the highest quality.


The construction of all of Archi's residential estates is financed entirely through foreign investments, and this serves as an additional guarantee that any project will be delivered on schedule.

Archi Development

The main activity of the Archi is the construction of residential complexes.

To date, the company has 19 completed projects with a total construction area of 350,000 square meters; total 3000 apartments, 1 commercial project and 2 hotels have been commissioned.
As for the ongoing construction projects of Archi Group, today 16 projects are under construciton with a total construction area of 190,000 square meters and the number of apartments - 2000.


In 2010, Archi expanded the range of its activities and started to build hotels in Georgia.

Currently, there is already 1 hotel of European level in Shovi - "Sunset Shovi" and 1 apartment hotel of European level in Kvariati - "Sunset Kvariati".

For the near future, it is planned to open several boutique and brand hotels in Tbilisi and one international level hotel in Bakuriani.