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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.



One of the main advantages of Archi is our high-quality building materials. When implementing each of its projects, the company uses energy-efficient blocks from the leading German brand YTONG®.


YTONG® is the world leader in the production of construction blocks. High technical characteristics of the blocks allow the service life of buildings to be increased, creating a comfortable atmosphere and reducing operating costs. In 2013, YTONG® was recognized in Germany as the Brand of the Century. Today, its products are used by leading construction companies in many countries worldwide.


Compared to conventional concrete building blocks, YTONG® blocks have six times less thermal conductivity (thermal insulation coefficient - 0.012 W/m2). Walls constructed from this material preserve the room temperature longer. Accordingly, 40% less energy is spent on heating and cooling the rooms.


Due to the low weight of YTONG® construction blocks, the load on the structure of the building is reduced. The lightness of the aerated  blocks ensures a high level of safety during seismic activity. Another advantage of YTONG® blocks is their fire resistance. Even in case of an intense fire, the blocks can survive the effects of fire for 4 hours, which is considered one of the best indicators of durability for building materials. Additional information on the blocks and their characteristic coefficients can be obtained here:

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