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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.

Archi Varketili D

0 Archi Varketili D Tbilisi, Varketili, 3rd massive
Archi Varketili D

Archi Varketili D

Tbilisi, Varketili, 3rd massive 
The Archi Varketili complex offers a new 14-storey residential building with 195 apartments. Archi Varketili D is being built with high-quality construction materials such as German-made Ytong blocks. The new residential building is distinguished by its sustainable and energy-efficient qualities, which means energy consumption reduction by 40% and lower utility costs. Archi Varketili D is planned in compliance with the country's fire safety regulations.
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Archi Varketili D offers an 8 000 sq.m. recreation area, which is scheduled to include a park, a kindergarten, a playground, and sports fields. The building is equipped with an electricity generator and a water tank to ensure a 24/7 water and electricity supply. Archi Varketili D will incorporate a 2-level parking garage, too.
  • Square
  • Children`s playground
  • Stadium
  • Parking

Project Progress

Cave arrangement works are underway.


Archi Varketili D is located on Zaza Panaskertel-Tsitsishvili street in central Varketili. The metro station ‘Varketili’ and the shopping center ‘East Point’ are 20 minutes away from the residential building. Archi Varketili D is surrounded by a well-developed infrastructure and accessible bus stops.