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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.

Archi At Kikvidze Garden B

0 Archi At Kikvidze Garden B Tbilisi, E. Bezhanishvili
Archi At Kikvidze Garden B

Archi At Kikvidze Garden B

Tbilisi, E. Bezhanishvili 
Green residential complex of ‘Archi At Kikvidze Garden’ offers you a brand new project. The 26-storey building boasts 576 Premium Frame apartments and a well-developed recreation area. The new residential building has a lot of advantages. 'Archi At Kikvidze Garden B' is being built with high-quality construction materials. The façade is decorated with HPL panels. As for the internal walls, they are built with energy-efficient Ytong blocks supplied from Germany. Note that Ytong blocks reduce energy consumption by 40%. The construction is underway in accordance with the 41st Resolution of the legislation of Georgia, which defines the rules of fire safety.
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The complex 'Archi At Kikvidze Garden B' incorporates a 7000 sq.m. recreation area with playgrounds and a park. The project is equipped with an electricity generator and a water tank to ensure a 24/7 water and electricity supply. For Archi residents’ additional comfort, 'Archi At Kikvidze Garden B' will include a 3-level underground parking garage.
  • Commercial space
  • Children`s playground
  • Stadium
  • Parking
  • Generator
  • Water Reservoir
  • Kindergarten


One of the most important advantages of the residential complex is the possibility of living in a green and healthy environment as it is located near Kikvidze Garden and Expo Georgia Exhibition Park. Cultivated in the central part of the Nadzaladevi District, 'Archi At Kikvidze Park B' is within easy reach of the Gotsiridze and Didube metro stations.