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Archi Gldani 3

0 Archi Gldani 3 Tbilisi, khizabavra st. 4
Archi Gldani 3

Archi Gldani 3

Tbilisi, khizabavra st. 4 
Irreplaceable house in Gldani
Archi Gldani-3 is a 15-storey residential building located in the central part of Gldani, at 4 Khizabavra Street. The project envisages 218 apartments and a 2-layer parking space. The apartments in Gldani-3 will be delivered in the form of a Premium Finished Structure, which is one of Archi's exclusive products and in addition to the White Finished Structure includes heating pipes and low-emissivity glazing that lessens energy consumption by about 30%. The apartments in Gldani will be built of high quality construction materials, of which the energy-efficient, fireproof blocks from the German brand Ytong, which provide six times more thermal insulation than conventional concrete blocks, are noteworthy. Ytong blocks are made of all-natural materials, which leads to a healthy living environment.
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The 15-storey residential building offers residents hominess and comfortable conditions. It fully meets their interests and needs. The site includes a 2-layer parking space and a 1,200 sq. m recreational area. The infrastructure around Archi Gldani-3 is very well developed. Akhmeteli metro station, a shopping center, hypermarkets, pharmacies, and various groceries are in the immediate vicinity.
  • Commercial space
  • Children`s playground
  • Parking

Project Progress

Flooring works on the 10th floor are in progress, works with the bringing out the walls of the outer perimeter on the 7th floor are in progress.


Archi Gldani-3 has the best location in Gldani. The site is located at 4 Khizabavra Street, a 5-minute walk from Akhmeteli metro station.