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Archi Dighomi 2B

0 Archi Dighomi 2B Tbilisi, Farnavaz Mefe ave, near Petritse street
Archi Dighomi 2B

Archi Dighomi 2B

Tbilisi, Farnavaz Mefe ave, near Petritse street 
During the construction of the second Block B of this Archi Dighomi project, high-quality blocks from the German brand Ytong will be used, which are characterized by heat conductivity and are made of completely natural, environmentally-friendly materials. The 18-storey building will have 235 apartments. The apartments in Dighomi Block 2B will be delivered with a premium frame, one of Archi's exclusive products, which, in addition to the plaster-coated frame, includes the heating pipes and Low-E glass that reduce energy consumption by 30%.
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Archi Dighomi 2 is a multifunctional complex that will combine 4 residential blocks upon completion of construction. The project provides a recreational area of 5,000 sq. m and a landscaped yard with play and sports grounds. As for the infrastructure of Archi Dighomi Block 2B, the project will have 2 landings, cargo and passenger elevators. The project also provides open and closed parking lots
  • Square
  • Children`s playground
  • Stadium
  • Parking

Project Progress

Works with bringing out the walls of the outer perimeter on the 15th and 16th floors are in progress, works with the interior plastering on the 11th floor are in progress, the monolithic works have been completed.


Archi Dighomi 2 is located in the central part of Didi Dighomi, on Parnavaz Mepe Street, about 300 meters from the Goodwill hypermarket. Since the project is located close to the central road, this place is easily accessible by various public transport.