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26/08/2020 _ Interior

Yellow Kitchen – Positive and Fun Choice

Yellow is a gorgeous color bringing energy and warmth into the interior design of your apartment. The kitchen with yellow walls creates a sunny and cozy atmosphere at home. The color will help you start the day with a more energetic, pleasant, and positive attitude.


Any shade of yellow is associated with positive feelings. Dark shades of yellow creates a modern design, while light yellow establishes a classical style. Try to keep balance while combining yellow with other colors. Note that the color goes great with white, brown, and grey.


The white color gives the effect of brightness and cleanliness and mixing it with yellow sounds like the best combination for the kitchen.


As for the combination of yellow and grey, these colors make the kitchen look very modern.


One of the most commonly used combination is yellow and black. Their combination creates a classical and contrasting effect. Make sure that you do not use too much black in the kitchen. For example, you can combine a black kitchen island with light yellow walls and ceiling.



Green is also a popular color for the kitchen. The combination of yellow and green creates a cozy and fancy atmosphere. Both colors are associated with positive feelings and the kitchen painted green and yellow can be a perfect place for family gatherings.


The kitchen is the heart of the home. If you plan to create a welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen, try to avoid using monochromatic colors. Use yellow for either furniture, walls, or ceiling and paint other parts of the kitchen with different colors. For example, paint the walls with light colors and add yellow chairs to bring vibrancy into the room.



If you are not a fan of multicolored interior design and want to have a sunny atmosphere in the kitchen, paint the walls with different shades of yellow. You can use either paint or wallpaper to achieve the goal. Besides, you can apply a more expensive covering on the wall such as gypsum plaster. The finished plaster wall creates an unusual design.


If you are moving to a finished apartment and your kitchen walls are not painted yellow, you can still add the same color chairs, curtains, plates, or lights to bring the sunny atmosphere in the room.


To sum up, the bright and happy atmosphere in the kitchen helps you start the day more positively. Therefore, you should make sure that you are choosing the right colors for the room.