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14/05/2019 _ Building materials

Ytong – Multifunctional construction materials for Archi complexes

Archi uses the highest quality, energy-sufficient and ecologically clean construction materials such as construction blocks supplied by the German brand Ytong. Ytong was named as ‘The Brand of 2013’. The company’s products have been successfully used for constructions. What are the advantages of Ytong?



The main characteristic of Ytong is thermal conductivity. It has about 6 times less thermal conductivity than conventional concrete blocks. As a result, the walls built with Ytong blocks preserve the room temperature longer and provides the desired climate. Consequently, the heating or cooling of a building consumes 40% less energy. Energy-saving blocks can effectively save energy - reduce heating costs in winter and keep the climate cool in summer without air conditioning.


Over the last few years, the number of fires has increased. It goes without saying that residents pay attention to their potential houses’ resistance to fire. Ytong blocks are fireproof. The material does not burn and their ability to resist fire lasts for 4 hours. This is one of the best indicators of building material. When exposed to fire, the blocks do not emit harmful substances and flaming droplets.



In addition to fire resistance and energy efficiency, the Ytong blocks are light saving the construction time. Its lightness provides the strength of the material: the blocks are characterized by maximum load capacity. Besides, the lightness creates a high degree of safety in an earthquake.


Residential buildings should guarantee that people live a quiet life. The apartment needs to be equipped with soundproof materials. Ytong effectively serves this function. The wall built with the blocks provides acoustic absorption. Moreover, it manages to maintain a moderate level of humidity creating a comfortable and healthy climate in rooms.



As for other features, the light weight of the Ytong aerated blocks contributes to their quick installation on a construction. The blocks can be cut in every angle and shape as well as sawed and drilled using conventional tools. The blocks then are available for any kind of construction.


If you are interested in environmental protection, remember that Ytong blocks are ecologically clean and non-toxic building materials. Besides, it can also be recycled and re-used for other constructions.