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12/04/2021 _ Interior

7 Easy Ways to Soundproof Your Home

Our home should keep us from the disturbances of the outside world. A cozy and peaceful home, in turn, has a positive influence on our mood. The very first step towards a comfortable home is sound insulation. It will prevent your apartment from unwanted noise. Have a look at easy ways to soundproof your home.



Add door curtains


The first solution to keep rooms quiet is simply a door. Adding several layers of door curtains, especially the black and heavy ones, will double the effect.


Add rugs



One of the most common ways to soundproof a room is a rug. Rugs prevent noise transmission to protect both you and the downstairs neighbors from noise.


Get rid of sound-reflecting materials


Hard surfaces can reflect sound. For example, walls, floors, and a ceiling amplify sounds. Cover them with soft materials to absorb noise such as electrical devices, dog barking, and vacuum cleaning sounds. The best sound-dampening items are rugs and rubber fabrics.


Add a bookshelf



Massive items can absorb sound. That’s why installing a massive bookshelf can have a sound-dampening effect. Just make sure that the bookcase is filled with books and extends from the floor all the way up to the ceiling.


Add sound-dampening panels


Recording studios use acoustic panels to soundproof rooms. You can cover the walls with sound-deadening panels to maximize the effect. There is a wide choice of acoustic panels to fit different interiors.


Add curtains



The noise of the outside world becomes especially disturbing in Spring. Adding sound-reducing curtains will help you block out noise. For a better effect, go for thick and heavy drapes to insulate rooms.


Add window inserts


Installing sound-reducing curtains is a good solution, however, they will cover beautiful views from the window. The best option is to use window inserts that are perfect at blocking out sound. These window insulation panels effectively block 50% of unwanted noise.


If you have an apartment in an Archi residential building, we would like to remind you that the Archi projects are built with the German block Ytong. Ytong is a high-quality construction material with a sound absorption quality.