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19/05/2020 _ Interior

Tips to Create More Welcoming Hallway

A hallway is the first thing that catches our eyes when we enter the house. Archi Premium Frame incorporates smooth walls, a self-leveling floor, and an entrance iron door. As a result, the only thing you have to worry about is house design. Have a look at our tips to create a welcoming, friendly, and functional hallway.


  • Flooring


Select tough and durable flooring material that requires little care. Dark tiles accompanied by neutral walls will be a perfect combination. Besides, you can install tiles with ornament images or wooden flooring to create a warm atmosphere.


  • Use Bright Colors


Pick bright and warm colors for a hallway. Compared to dark colors, light colors can make a small and narrow space look bigger and wider owing to the reflection of light. The mixture of white and blue, green, grey, or cream can visually expand the space too.



  • Lighting


There are no windows in the hallway and multifunctional lighting can make up for it. Look at these options: 1. If you want to create an illusion of a higher ceiling, use wall lighting, 2. If a ceiling is high, install a chandelier, 3. LED lighting can evoke an association of daylight.


  • Storage Space


When shoes, bags, and clothes are stored together in a single storage space, the hallway looks less welcoming. To avoid the mess, use storage drawers. In the case of a small and narrow hallway, multifunctional furniture will be a perfect option. Arrange shoes, clothes, and bags in separate storage drawers. Besides, a wardrobe compartment with a sliding door is also practical for a hallway.


  • Mirror


A mirror is a great décor accessory in a hallway. Apart from being a functional item, the mirror can visually expand the space. You can use hanging or a wall mirror and put a small storage drawer below. Besides, one of the best types of mirrors is a mirrored wardrobe.


  • Decorations


The most enjoyable part of arranging a hallway is adding decorations to it. One of the most effective décor accessories is a drawing. A black and white photograph is also a great idea as it will never go out of style. Besides, indoor plants have benefits too.


Despite its small size, a hallway is one of the most important parts of an apartment. The right planning can help you get your hallway organized. Archi offers its customers individual house plans tailored to their needs and desire.