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19/10/2020 _ Interior

The Magical Power Of Mirrors In Interior Design

We all have an item at home that is used not only as a decoration but has a variety of uses. For example, one of the most useful decorative elements in interior design is a mirror. Mirrors of different sizes and shapes can visually enlarge the space, bring more light, and an expansive feel into the room. Have a look at some tips on how to use a mirror to your advantage.


A Mirror Between Windows


Placing a full-length mirror between windows is one of the interior design tricks. The mirror feels like a third window and helps maximize the natural light. Besides, the full-length mirrors bring a pleasant atmosphere into the room.


A Mirror Over A Chest Of Drawers


It is a well-known fact that mirrors help small spaces look bigger. It is wall mirrors that are best at doing the trick, especially the ones placed over a chest of drawers, a lamp, or any other furniture.


A Mirror In Front Of A Window


Do you want your house to be light-filled all the time? What about not having to look out of the window to enjoy the views? It can simply be achieved by the right use of a mirror. Hang the mirror in front of the window to reflect the sunlight and consequently, help the room look more spacious and light. If you have an apartment in the Archi Isani project, this trick will help you enjoy the beautiful views of Tbilisi without reaching the windows.


Mirrors As A Focal Point


A focal point is an important detail in the interior design. It is the first thing that catches our eyes when we walk into the room. A focal point can be a TV, a fireplace, or even a bookshelf. What’s more, you can use a mirror to create a focal point in a house. Even small simple mirrors can create stunning compositions paired with furniture or decorative objects. Try to use oval and round mirrors due to their eye-catching and contrasting look.


Mirrored Furniture


Furniture with mirrored surfaces adds a touch of glamour and elegance to the room. Besides, they help the room look bigger. Just be sure not to bring too much mirrored-furniture into one space and overwhelm the room.


Having decorative and functional qualities, a mirror is truly a magical element in interior design. It can visually enlarge a room, make it look more beautiful and light.


We would like to remind you that Archi Card, a loyalty card from the company, provides discounted prices on different types of mirrors. The card is exclusively designed for Archi residents.