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03/06/2019 _ Greening

What types of flowers are used for balcony gardens?

Building a balcony garden is becoming more and more popular these days. All of the flats in Archi residential complexes have a balcony space, enabling the residents to grow their own flower gardens. There are various ways to decorate balconies such as hanging plants, a vertical garden or wicker baskets full of flowers. However, the process should start by picking the right flowers.



The position of your balcony is a key point when it comes to selecting plants. The direction of the sunlight plays an important role in the flowering and the lifespan of your garden plants. The ideal is east, west and south-facing balconies.


Creating a balcony garden requires special procedures. After considering the direction of the sunlight, you should go for either annual or perennial flowers. Growing annual flowers are the easiest way to diversify your balconies. They tend to flower multiple times during the year, contributing to about half-year beauty of your balcony. Petunias, Myosotis and Violas belong to annual types of flowers. They begin to blossom in spring. Petunia is one of the most popular and fast-growing flowers with a minimum of needs. Malva with its healing and relaxing properties is also an easy-care flower.  



Growing perennial flowers on your balcony can be a little bit problematic. It is explained by their wind, cold and heat intolerance. For example, the open ground Geraniums last for multiple years, but cannot survive the winter. You are recommended to place them in a vertical position on your balcony during summertime and keep them inside in winter. Thus, your Geraniums will flower all year round. As for Chrysanthemums, they require special care. The variety of white, red, yellow and purple Chrysanthemums makes up a beautiful bouquet. Chrysanthemums withstand low temperatures, enabling you to decorate your balcony with them even in the wintertime. Besides, Rambler Rose (doesn’t require frequent pruning), Feijoa and Azalea last for longer years as well.


Meanwhile, there are flowers suffering from the sun intolerance. For example, Begonias should be placed on the bright part of the balcony, so that the sun does not reach them. It is necessary to water them either in the morning or in the evening. Gazanias, that are similar to Chamomile in appearance, love bright places as well. The flower is usually described as ‘Midday Gold’ because of closing up on cloudy days and opening with the sun.



Windy weather is one of the biggest challenges for balcony flowers. The wind quickly dries out their soil. Hence, try to water flowers as much as possible during the windy days. In addition to other plants, you are advised to decorate your balcony with vegetables. For instance, you can grow annual peppers that need light and watering. In order to further diversify your balcony, use small and beautiful evergreen Hebes.