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01/07/2019 _ Greening

How do green parks affect our physical and mental health?

Outdoor activities, workouts or strolls have a positive impact on our physical and mental health, reducing stress and encouraging social interactions. You may think that it can only be achieved in a forest or a country-side but you are wrong. Well-equipped kids playgrounds and green parks can bring you the same happiness and raise your vibes. While looking for a space to rest, one should take into consideration that what gives a place value is not its largeness but its greenness. It is important that people could enjoy green parks in the vicinity of their residential buildings, be they large or small. It comes as no surprise that those who are offered that comfort feel happier and healthier.


The main advantage of parks is the possibility of social interactions. It is a social place where people meet, stroll and bond with each other. Thus, it gives people an increased sense of well-being.


What makes a good public park? Fountains, greening, outdoor gyms and playgrounds can make a good park. It should be noted that people will react to poor lighting as well as pollution in parks. The inconveniences might put off a lot of park visitors.


Archi takes care of the welfare and happiness of its residents. For example, Archi Isani project is scheduled to incorporate 10 000 m2 recreational area for its future residents. It will provide a beautiful and green park with a kids playground (swings and a playhouse), closed and open sitting area, sports ground and outdoor fitness equipment. We believe recreational areas will help Archi residents spend their leisure time in a cozy, happy and healthy atmosphere.