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10/04/2020 _ Other

6 Sorting Tips for Your Home

Cleaning and arranging the items in a house is an enjoyable experience. While tidying up the house we might find objects that we love and associate our memories with but are useless in everyday life. Formerly, we would not have much time to spend on cleaning, but now, we can enjoy sorting the items and make our house cozier and more comfortable.


The housework is much fun when done by the whole family. Different objects in a house might have different meanings for the family members.


  • Think positive


If you find it hard to sort things into useless and useful ones, ask yourself: Is it useful? Do I need it? Does it have any meaning for me? Do I love it or does it make me feel happy? If your answer is “yes”, you should keep the object.


  • Categorize items


Moving items around and sorting them are two different activities. Categorizing things will help you sort them into useful and useless ones. You should put them into separate boxes. For example, put your footwear in a box and electrical cables in a bag. This way you can easily differentiate between useless and useful stuff.


  • Sorting toys and clothes


Clothes and toys constantly change their functions in an extended family. Kids grow up and toys lose their meaning. We usually find it hard to part with them but they take up too much space. The self-isolation period is a perfect time to sort old toys. You can donate (after the quarantine, of course) well-preserved toys to those who need them more. If you have two or more children, decide whether the clothes of older children should be put aside for younger ones or given away.


  • Create a working space


The majority of people work remotely during quarantine. A well-arranged working space has a direct effect on productivity. What items do you use every day? Every week or every month? Keep the rarely used items in a wardrobe. The necessary papers and files should be categorized into separate folders of different colors. Labeling drawers, folders, and boxes will help you find the items more easily.


  • Think green


Before throwing items away, first think if you can recycle (never forget to care for nature) or donate them to charities. Do not get rid of the items straight away, try to think about people who might need them. Do not throw papers away either, collect them for recycling. The waste paper might be used by other organizations for good purposes.


  • Family involvement


It is important that the entire family participates in housework. The self-isolation period gives the family members more time to spend with one another. The house belongs to each of them and therefore, everyone has the responsibility to take care of it. Working together makes cleaning easier and more enjoyable.