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07/09/2020 _ Interior

Loft Style For Modern, Creative And Freedom-Loving People

Large space without any partitions is what constitutes the Loft urban style. Designed for modern, creative, and freedom-loving people, the Loft style is more and more frequently used in modern interior design. This urban style has ancient roots, dating back to the 1940s in the US namely Manhattan.


When factories were closing down during the Great Depression in the US, empty apartment rents dropped dramatically in Manhattan. The large space and high ceiling of the Loft style attracted the American bohemia, especially artists. The advantage of having an apartment and a workshop into a single space was extremely important to artists at that time. The Loft style gradually became more and more popular and valuable. Nowadays, it is considered to be one of the most expensive styles in design, however, this type of decoration does not necessarily imply a high budget.



Loft Style - General Characteristics:


  • Large space


  • An abundance of natural light and windows


  • High ceiling


  • Absence of any partitions


In such a huge free space, only a bathroom and bedroom are isolated with partitions from the main space. Zoning occurs with the use of light, furniture, decorative brickwork, concrete supporting walls, glass blocks, open-faced shelves and different types of floorings and walls. For example, a massive sofa can be used to isolate a kitchen from a living room.


It is perfectly possible to create the Loft style in different types of apartments. We would like to remind you that if you are planning to buy an Archi apartment, we offer tailor-made space planning. For example, you can replace partitions with stone and concrete walls or old materials, textures, and surfaces to create different zones even in a micro-apartment.


The walls in the Loft style are made of decorative brickwork or concrete without using plaster. In rare cases, a wallpaper imitating stone or a wooden wall can be used for the wall covering. As for flooring, traditionally preference is given to concrete floor, however, it can be effectively replaced by ceramic tiles, wooden, laminate, parquet, decorative stone, and marble floors.


One of the main features of the Loft style is a high ceiling. It is usually made of stone trusses and ventilation pipes. As for small apartments, the Loft style can be achieved by plastering and painting low ceilings in white.


Lighting is another important element in the Loft style. Lamps can help create different zones in an apartment. For example, a chandelier with a metal frame and glass lampshade can become the central accent of the room. Pendant and floor lamps neutralize the tense atmosphere created by the Loft style. As for micro-apartments, LED lights are very useful for visually enlarging the space.


Advertising posters, graffiti, paintings, photographs, decorative pillows, original figures, vases, and sculptures reflecting your taste can help to emphasize the uniqueness of the Loft style.



There are three main types of Loft style - Bohemian (creative decorations and accessories), Glamour (color palettes, Baroque style, and lamps), and Industrial (metal structures, furniture with geometric shapes and ventilation pipes) used in interior design.


The Loft style with its diverse characteristics can attract different types of people.