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10/12/2019 _ Building materials

Archi Metalloplastic and Aluminum Windows and Doors

The completed Archi projects are delivered to their owners with white and premium frames. The projects incorporate metalloplastic windows and doors as well as low-E glass. What is more, the Reynaers aluminum windows and doors from Europe are scheduled to be installed in the Tamarashvili project. Let’s discuss the advantages of the windows and doors:



It comes as no surprise that once widely used wooden windows and doors have easily and promptly been replaced by metalloplastic ones. The only advantage of the easily breakable wooden windows is the low price. The metalloplastic window appears as an alternative to the wooden windows.


Metalloplastic windows are easy to clean, durable, resistant to different chemicals, reduces exterior noise and preserves the heat inside the house. The so-called PVC windows have easily replaced all their “competitors” due to its energy-efficiency. Installing the windows will preserve the heat in your house and minimize utility bills. In addition to that, you do not have to replace them frequently but possibly once every 50 years. However, you should consider two details: 1. Oil all moving parts of the windows at least once a year and 2. Adjust the windows for winter and summer modes. As for the metalloplastic doors, they are modern, durable, aesthetically pleasing and resistant to humidity to be effectively utilized for bathrooms.


The Archi Tamarashvili project incorporates aluminum windows and doors. Aluminum is the most quality and expensive material used for windows and doors. The lightweight material is durable, soundproof and resistant to corrosion and deformation. Additionally, the aluminum windows and doors are energy efficient due to thermal insulation.


Apart from metalloplastic windows and doors, Archi premium frames incorporate low-E glasses. The low-E glass is energy efficient and absorbs infrared and ultraviolet radiation. The transparent glasses reflect the heat to preserve the temperature in a house and lower the utility bills.