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16/06/2020 _ Interior

How to Create Elegant and Antique Italian Interior Design?

 The Interior is an inseparable part of the architecture and it comes as no surprise that interior design originally shared the architectural styles. However, it has become an independent unit of architecture and developed its own styles over time. One of the most popular interior designs is Elegant and antique Italian interior, establishing an eclectic style. Italian style is quite familiar to Archi projects. Archi Tower, which is named the best energy sufficient residential complex, incorporates the Italian kitchen. The latter is built with Italian materials and distinguished by its unique look, quality, and durability.


Italian style can be characterized as simplicity achieved by sunny and soft shades and antique and eclectic design produced by massive accessories and French style fabrics.


  • Décor


Italian Style is a combination of antique and simple designs. One of the most popular materials used for décor is Venetian gypsum. Another simple and vintage material is cork wallpaper. They are practical and breathable materials and the best choice for a kid’s room. Besides, the mosaic wall is also an important element of the Italian design, especially the one made of small pieces of colorful glass or stone.


As for ceiling design, you can use a paint, liquid wallpaper or tiles to establish Italian style. Try to select a milky white color to make the ceiling look higher and larger.


Italian style involves using the same flooring for the entire house. It means you have a difficult task to pick a universal, practical, and beautiful material. One of the common Italian floorings is a rough concrete floor that goes with any ceiling décor.


  • Furniture


Italian style includes massive furniture, especially a massive sofa and bed. Massiveness is counterbalanced by colorful cushions and fabrics of different sizes.


  • Colors


The right selection of colors and shades plays an important role in the Italian style. Modern Italian design uses neutral colors to create a delicate space. Add colorful accessories to bring a lively atmosphere into the design. 


  • Accessories


Italian atmosphere is primarily established through accessories such as wine bottles, pots, plants, and of course, olives. Remember that carpets are not used in the Italian design, especially for a kitchen. You can use beige curtains instead to divide a studio apartment into different zones. What is more, curtains will bring joy and individuality into the space.


Making pizza and drinking wine in an Italian style kitchen built with Italian materials will make you feel like you are in Italy.