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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


14/05/2019 _ Greening

The Greening in Archi

Archi has been making an important contribution to environmental protection. The key priority for the company is not only to create quality conditions for residents, but also to take care of the city.


The team always makes a point of incorporating recreational areas and playgrounds or football stadiums for children into their projects. The latter is the key to children’s development. As for the recreational areas, they enable Archi residents to spend leisure time in cozy and comfortable yards of Archi residential buildings.


Constructing new residential buildings is sometimes associated with the deterioration of the natural environment. Archi, on the contrary, takes into considerations the possible threats to nature. The company regularly organizes various ‘Green and Clean’ activities within the framework of the campaign #archicares. We also set a precedent by, for instance, planting a tree on every 10 m2. About 3500 trees have been planted so far.



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