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08/09/2020 _ Interior

Things To Consider Before Buying A Sofa

Buying an apartment is one of the most serious decisions in our life. Another important task is to find the right furniture for the house. As you already know after buying a real estate at Archi, the company gives all its residents Archi Cards to help them furnish the apartments. Archi Card, a loyalty card from Archi, provides discounted prices on different types of furniture. A sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture creating a cozy and positive atmosphere at home. Have a look at some tips about picking the right sofa for your apartment. 



  • Frame


There are three main types of sofas: Pull-Out, Three-Seater, and Corner Sofas. While choosing the right sofa for your house, first check its durability as well as the quality of the frame. Sofa frames are usually made from metal, hardwood, or the combination of both metal and hardwood. Hardwood frames are considered to be the most durable ones. Compared to the hardwood frame, metal and the combined frames are available at low prices. After checking the durability and heaviness of the metal, make sure that the metal parts are joined by a solid fastener rather than glue.


  • Function


Compared to other pieces of furniture, a sofa is meant to stay in our apartment for a long period of time. That’s why it is so important to know which mechanism of sofa transformation you want to buy: ‘Dolphin’, ‘Book’ or ‘Scissor”. The sofa with the ‘Book’ mechanism is very popular and cheap among the other transforming models. When unfolded, the sofa has a smooth and comfortable surface for resting. If you are looking for a sofa bed, you should choose the ‘Dolphin’ mechanism. It is an excellent solution to small rooms due to its compactness. The sofa with the ‘Scissor’ mechanism unfolds into a circular twin bed and is suitable for large spaces.


  • Padding


Padding is a central part of the sofa. Inferior quality paddings tend to lose their shape over time. We recommend a sofa padding that combines feathers and foams. That way you are ensured high-quality durable structure from the foam and plenty of comfiness from the feathers.



  • Covering


Sofa upholstery has to be visually appealing, durable, and easy-to-clean. For example, if you have a pet, leather upholstery will not be a practical option. Apart from being high maintenance, the leather upholstery will soon fade and lose its natural qualities. Velvet and silk are visually more effective fabrics. The most durable, practical, and affordable solution is considered to be a jacquard upholstery.


  • Style


While buying a sofa, try to consider the general interior of the apartment. We recommend that you choose contrasting colors for walls and furniture to create an unusual design. Remember that you are free to choose any color for the sofa.