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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


06/05/2019 _ Interior

Archi Residential Complex

History begins at home. It is a house of our choice that defines the way our history is shaped. Only four walls and a roof do not make up a home. We and our beloved ones are supposed to live in a cozy and a high-quality environment. That’s why we have to consider different aspects while looking for a house. These aspects should include neighborhood, accessibility, infrastructure, recreational area and a kid sports stadium or a playground. Archi strives to combine all the aspects into its projects to fit each resident’s needs.



Archi aims at constructing residential buildings with a minimum of damage to the natural environment. For instance, over each 10 m2 Archi construction involves planting a new tree. Archi Wood in Digomi Massif which is currently under construction is one of those projects that illustrate our great consideration for nature. The Archi team has already planted 60 spruce trees in the area and plans to continue the process after the construction is completed. As for Archi Wood itself, the place will soon become an oasis for green zone lovers. The 17 (or 16)-storey project will incorporate an open and a closed 3-level parking place. The two storeys are already completed. The Archi team focuses on green zones and comfort and as a result, Archi Wood will ultimately have a 3000 m2 recreational area including a playground and a resting space. Besides, those who have children may visit Astra Park, an amusement center next to the building or Digomi Forest just 5-munute-walk from Archi wood.


Archi offers a number of interesting projects in one of the most sought-after neighborhood in Tbilisi Didi Digomi. There are A, B, C, D and F blocks of Archi Digomi Complex being constructed around Petre Iberi Street. Each block is scheduled to incorporate multi-level parking places and triple 5000 m2 recreational area for the residents. Peace and quietness will considerably contribute to our cozy housing. The facade of the complex in Didi Digomi is equipped with insulation blocking noise from the neighbors.  



An 18-storey complex of Archi Digomi 2 is being constructed on Parnavazi Street in Didi Digomi. The project will eventually include 4 residential buildings. The construction of the A building has already been launched. Meanwhile, a 10-storey building on Giorgi Brtskinvale Street incorporates a recreational area and a playground. All three complexes of Archi Digomi are located near the supermarket Goodwill that will substantially save your time.


Saburtalo is considered to be one of the central parts of Tbilisi. The district is a favourbale option for the house seekers due to its closeness to Tbilisi center. Archi Saburtalo complex includes three blocks. The project will probably attract a lot of students because of a number of universities and the Metro Station ‘University’ located near the complex.


Multifunctional Residence in Isani unites three blocks. The total investment cost of the project is 60 million US dollars. The currently underway project is located in the central part of the district next to the supermarket Carrefour and 2-3-minute-walk from the metro station. Imagine that your residential building is surrounded by a trade center, a school, and a kindergarten – this is how the completed project will look like in Isani. It is the best offer for families with children.



Despite its remoteness from the center of Tbilisi, Gldani district still has lots to boast about. You should not expect poor infrastructure in the District. But apparently it is the other way round - a trade center, Gldani Mall, the Metro Station ‘Akhmeteli Theatre’, pharmacies, various eating venues are 5-minute-walk from Archi Gldani complex. The complex of 3 blocks fully satisfies the needs and interests of the residents.


The residential complexes in Vazisubani are located on Pataridze and Muskhelishvili Streets. The houses are affordable and of unusual architecture. The projects are currently under construction.


Archi uses ecologically clean construction materials. Energy-sufficient and fire-proof blocks (preserves the room temperature longer and saves energy by 40%) supplied by the German company Ytong are used for the construction of Archi Tower (Chavchavadze Avenue), Archi Paliashvili, Archi Tsinamdzghrishvili, Archi Bagebi, Archi Mtatsminda, Archi Nutsubidze, Archi Tamarashvili and Archi Batumi together with all the above-mentioned residential complexes.