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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


18/06/2019 _ Interior

Archi Innovation – Premium Frame Projects

Archi offers its residents innovative premium frame projects that will make the process of moving easier. What is a premium frame? There are three types of building frames – white, green and black. Archi premium frame is an alternative to the green type.



Premium framing incorporates a number of important parameters. One of its parameters is a stretched floor famous for its universality and quality. Isogypsum plaster walls, entrance fireproof iron door, balcony ceramic granite flooring, properly set up electrical wiring, heating pipes, metal plastic doors and windows, and low-E glass are also included in the premium framing. What does a low-E glass mean? It is energy efficient glass, reducing thermal conduction by 30 %. The low-E glass will contribute to saving your heating and cooling expenses in winter and summer respectively. One of the main parts of the premium framing is energy efficient and fireproof Ytong block. You will find the information about Ytong here - Ytong – Multifunctional construction materials for Archi complexes.


Archi customers will be able to purchase premium frame apartments in the company’s new projects namely Archi Wood in Digomi Massif, Archi Saburtalo, Archi Vazisubani 2 and other currently under construction buildings. Buying Archi premium frame apartments means saving your time, energy and money.