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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


07/05/2019 _ Interior

Archi Outstanding Projects

Archi, founded in 2006, is one of Georgia’s most famous development companies. Currently, the company boasts 19 completed and 16 ongoing construction projects in Tbilisi. In addition, the construction of a residential building in Batumi is underway. We are the leading company owing to our high number of implemented projects. House seekers tend to prioritize the neighborhood of their future residence over other features. This is exactly why Archi offers its customers residential buildings in every neighborhood.


Archi Tower, located in the central part of Tbilisi, is one of the company’s most interesting and premium-class projects. The total cost of the project amounts to $35 Million. The 23-storey building incorporates 4 lifts. In addition to flats, a shopping center is available on the 1st and 2nd floors of the complex. The shopping center includes a supermarket, fast food venues, and famous brand shops. The complex, located on Chavchavadze, has a beautiful view of Turtle Lake and Vake Park.



The 10-storey multifunctional residential building, Archi Paliashvili, is one of the most refined and modern designed projects. The space on the first floor is given to commercial properties and parking space. It is believed thatour choice of house mirrors our own personality. The cozy and esthetically appealing atmosphere of Archi Paliashvili flats will definitely enhance your personality and raise your good vibes.


An improvement of the quality of your life begins at home from the very neighborhood and street you are living on. Archi on Tsinamdzgvrishvili Street is distinguished by its fusion of quality, traditional, and modern architecture. The vision of the building’s perfect appearance will never be removed from the minds of its visitors. The 4-storey building is characterized by old Tbilisi décor and style. This salon-style house can be easily distinguished from its surrounding buildings. 



Bagebi is one of the greenest, quietest, and cleanest places in Tbilisi. It is the dream of numerous people to live in the area. In order to make their dream come true, Archi Bagebi was built in this cozy neighborhood. Although the 12-storey building is located in Tskneti, Vake Park is only a 10-minutewalk away from the place. The school located near Archi Bagebi makes the residential building a perfect option for families with children.


The Archi Mtatsminda project is distinguished by its impressive architecture. The exterior façade is decorated with wood panels and basalt. The walls are equipped with insulation, while the building itself boasts glass balconies giving the entire construction an exquisite look.  The residential house is located at Mama Daviti Church. The beautiful panoramic view over Old Tbilisi and the banks of the Mtkvari River will definitely inspire you and free you from stress.



Archi Nutsubidze at Vazha-Pshavela station meets environmental challenges with its high standards. The 7-storey salon-style building is equipped with a floor plan and a parking system. The entire complex covers 1,900 sq. m.


We recommend Archi Pichvebi to those who live a busy and fast-paced life. The project, which is still underway, is located on Tamarashvili Street. Future residents will enjoy the flats with either a premium frame or their chosen furbishment package. The 29-storey building contains 258 flats. Archi Pichvebi offers its customers maximum comfort. In addition to a commercial and a residential space incorporated into the building, a fitness center and a modern designed lobby with a concierge are scheduled to be included.


The construction of Archi Batumi was completed in 2018. The light-colored façade reflects the seaside aesthetics. The 12-storey building is fully decorated and refined to go equally well with the old and the modern parts of the city.



All Archi residential flats are characterized by an abundance of recreational areas as well as children's and sports grounds. The company is actively engaged in environmental protection activities and strives to make Archi residential projects as cozy and green as possible. Archi uses ecologically clean construction materials. Energy-efficient and fire-proof blocks (preserving the room temperature longer and saving energy by 40%) supplied by the German company Ytong are used for the construction of Archi projects in Didi Dighomi, Dighomi Massive, Isani, Gldani, Vazisubani, and Mukhiani along with all the residential complexes mentioned above.


We should always remember that a house is a place where we spend time with our family and create great memories. The house is supposed to make us feel safe and comfortable. That is why we are advised to go for the best option.