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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


09/09/2020 _ Building materials

Archi Saburtalo Complex – Most Sought-After Location

The demand for housing in the capital is increasing year by year. Archi apartments are available in every part of Tbilisi. The most sought-after housing location is Saburtalo. It is no wonder that you can find Archi residential complex on Jikia St., Saburtalo. The construction of the 4 Archi Saburtalo residential blocks are launched under the Land Use Regulation Plan.


Saburtalo A


Saburtalo A is the first completed Archi Saburtalo residential building. The 22-storey block incorporates 210 apartments. The majority of the apartments have already been delivered to their owners.


Saburtalo B


Saburtalo B is scheduled to be completed in near future. Only the installation of internal systems is underway. The 18-storey building includes 105 apartments.


Saburtalo C


Saburtalo C, the third Saburtalo residential building, is currently under construction. The 14-storey block incorporates apartments starting at a minimum of 42 sq.m.


Saburtalo D


The fourth Saburtalo residential building is Saburtalo D. It is the last block of apartments that will complete the construction of the Archi Saburtalo Complex.


The allocated 1ha land was divided into two functional areas. One part of the area was dedicated to the recreation zone and the other will be occupied by residential buildings. The recreation zone will incorporate children and sports facilities, improving future residents’ quality of life.


Archi Saburtalo Complex meets new safety standards with a special focus on fire safety. All the fourth buildings incorporate stairwells and elevators. The elevators with a capacity of 1600 kg can be used even in case of emergencies provided that the safety recommendations are followed.


Similar to Archi’s other projects, Archi Saburtalo Complex is being built with high-quality construction materials. Heidelberg cement, European steel, and Ytong block are the three main building materials used by the company. Heidelberg cement is known for its quality and durability. European steel is the perfect material for building high-quality and energy-efficient frames. Ytong block is an energy sufficient (energy consumption reduction by 40%) and ecologically clean building material manufactured in Germany. Besides, Archi apartments incorporate metalloplastic windows and doors equipped with low-E glass. The low-E glass is energy efficient (thermal conduction reduction by 30%) and absorbs infrared and ultraviolet radiation. As a result, apartments are easier to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter, leaving you with lower utility bills.


What is more, Archi Saburtalo Complex includes underground and overground parking lots. The housing starts on the 2nd floor, leaving the ground and two underground floors for parking.